Our Story

Our story begins more than 30 years ago with our founder and executive director, Stuart Haskin. Having earned black belts in multiple martial arts disciplines, Stuart decided to open his own martial arts school. Very quickly Stuart began to realize that a majority of his students wanted to learn martial arts in response to either a traumatizing experience or a scary, close-call with violence. After hearing story after heartbreaking story, Stuart began to reflect on personal safety and awareness, and more importantly, how he could use his martial arts knowledge to help students protect themselves from violent attacks.

After many discussions with his business partner, there came a point when they needed to decide between teaching martial arts and specializing in personal safety training—Stuart chose the latter. You see, on average a martial arts instructor may see 500 students a year in a studio or dojo, but by becoming an advocate for personal safety and awareness, one can reach thousands of people every year, and Stuart felt compelled to spread his message of hope, strength and safety to as many people as possible. In addition, he didn’t want to only focus on the physical aspect of safety education, but also wanted to help survivors of violence recover mentally and emotionally by rebuilding their confidence and arming them with tools to live safer, violence-free lives.

So in 1993, Stuart founded GET SAFE; today, Stuart continues to captain his "safety ship,” training more than 50,000 students since those early days in the studio. Over the years, GET SAFE has expanded its safety education services to include awareness and recovery programs for childrensurvivors of violent crime and assaults, victims of domestic violence, persons with developmental disabilities, educational institutions, and corporations across the nation. These days GET SAFE also offers a broad range of advocacy services, curricula, consulting services and an ever-increasing number of tools and products to help people from all walks of life, get safe, be safe and stay safe.


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