GET SAFE passionately serves as a change agent, empowering people to stop wishing and start doing by “Changing their Mindsets to Change their Outcomes” to live an extraordinary life.

Through engaging and highly-interactive

violence prevention, crisis intervention and recovery programs, GET SAFE ’s approach to

             the onset of anger, indifference and

                  conflict is one that is life-changing.

                   By bridging topics such as violence, 

                      abuse, and intolerance, GET SAFE                          educates, informs and empowers

                         individuals and groups in

                         in personal safety, workplace                                safety, sexual assault prevention, 

                         and survivor recovery.


GET SAFE has positively impacted the lives of more than 200,000 people of all ages and abilities since its inception 35 years ago. Through its violence prevention, education and self-defense programs, GET SAFE remains committed to impacting the lives of persons of divergent backgrounds; protecting the well-being of students; and building safer, more inclusive communities.

Stuart Haskin, Founder and CEO of GET SAFE, started his journey as a martial arts instructor teaching women’s self-defense classes. In the early 1980's, he observed a need for not only a physical self-defense component of the training, but of emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual elements that were absent in the teachings of basic self-defense classes.

In 1984, Stuart branched off to explore initiating a comprehensive training that would target individuals, families, and communities on a grander scale. Choice Personal Safety was the first agency to emerge from this idea, specializing in survivor empowerment and unique self-defense recovery. Three years later, after being certified by the state of California as a Crisis Intervention and Sexual Assault Counseling agency, Choice Personal Safety transformed into the now titled GET SAFE.


Since 1990, GET SAFE expanded to encompass a variety of programs to meet specific needs for at-risk communities, including children's safety programs for anti-bullying, workforce development and healthy relationship programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and survivor programs tailored to provide trauma care, self-defense safety modules, and psychoeducational classes on sexual assault and rape. GET SAFE also provides law enforcement trainings to more safely identify and interact with persons with developmental disabilites, mental illness, and substance abuse."

GET SAFE operates through its relationships with a variety of local Orange County crisis intervention and risk reduction agencies, including Crime Survivors and Waymakers, which provide restorative services to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking. GET SAFE is quickly expanding into California's leading safety and violence prevention agency, serving clients from most of the 21 CA Regional Centers through state grants, federal grants, and private foundation funding. 


Founder and CEO

Stuart Haskin

Senior Administrative Supervisor

Michelle Vimolphandhu

Director of Training

Dave Monderine

Director of Research Development

Sandra Perez

Marketing Director

Paul Jackson

Program Manager

Kathryn Greenup







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