GET SAFE passionately serves as a change agent, empowering people to stop wishing and start doing by “Changing their Mindsets to Change their Outcomes” to live an extraordinary life.

Through engaging and highly-interactive

violence prevention, crisis intervention and recovery programs, GET SAFE’s approach to

             anger, indifference and conflict is

                  life-changing. By bridging topics of  

                    violence, abuse, and intolerance,

                      GET SAFE educates, informs,                                    and empowers individuals

                         and groups in personal

                         safety, workplace safety                                           sexual assault prevention

                          and survivor recovery.


GET SAFE has positively impacted the lives of more than 200,000 people of all ages and abilities since its inception 35 years ago. Through its violence prevention, education and self-defense programs, GET SAFE remains committed to impacting the lives of persons of divergent backgrounds; protecting the well-being of students; and building safer, more inclusive communities.

Stuart Haskin, Founder and CEO of GET SAFE, started his journey as a martial arts instructor teaching women’s self-defense classes. In the early 1980's, he observed a need for not only a physical self-defense component of the training, but of emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual elements that were absent in the teachings of basic self-defense classes.

In 1984, Stuart branched off to explore initiating a comprehensive training that would target individuals, families, and communities on a grander scale. Choice Personal Safety was the first agency to emerge from this idea, specializing in survivor empowerment and unique self-defense recovery. Three years later, after being certified by the state of California as a Crisis Intervention and Sexual Assault Counseling agency, Choice Personal Safety transformed into the now titled GET SAFE.


Since 1990, GET SAFE expanded to encompass a variety of programs to meet specific needs for at-risk communities, including children's safety programs for anti-bullying, workforce development and healthy relationship programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and survivor programs tailored to provide trauma care, self-defense safety modules, and psychoeducational classes on sexual assault and rape. GET SAFE also provides law enforcement trainings to more safely identify and interact with persons with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and substance abuse.

GET SAFE operates through its relationships with a variety of local Orange County crisis intervention and risk reduction agencies, including Crime Survivors and Waymakers, which provide restorative services to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking. GET SAFE is quickly expanding into California's leading safety and violence prevention agency, serving clients from most of the 21 CA Regional Centers through state grants, federal grants, and private foundation funding. 




Stuart founded GET SAFE, dedicated to building stronger, safer communities. His passion for community is also found in his involvement as an Orange County Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Certified Sexual Assault Victim and Domestic Violence Counselor, California’s Peace Officer Standard Trainer, and law-enforcement and military Crisis Intervention Trainer. He maintains several black belts & certifications in multiple martial art disciplines.


In addition to authoring ‘The Gift of Freedom: a Stronger, Safer You,’ Stuart remains a pillar in the community. As personified through his non-profit charitable contributions, his personal life parallels his heart of service and involvement through philanthropic endeavors.

Founder and CEO

Stuart Haskin


Senior Administrative Supervisor

Michelle Vimolphandhu



Michelle has been actively involved with GET SAFE since 2014, with a focused passion to empower women who have been impacted by domestic and sexual violence. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, then began her career with GET SAFE in accounting and group program administration.

With a growing expertise in program coordination and development, Michelle plays a crucial role in refining the backend business for many of GET SAFE’s services.



Dave has been involved with GET SAFE for over 10 years, specializing as the lead field-training supervisor, coach, and leader as Director of Training. In addition, Dave trains GS’s Advocacy & Training Specialists, as well as consults and develops the various curricula for GS’s services.


Dave is passionate about empowering oneself to recognize their inner competence, confidence, and ferocity.


When not working, Dave enjoys spending time with his wife and son, training in various martial arts, playing music, using his culinary-educated cooking skills, and recording voiceovers as a voice actor. 

Director of Training

Dave Monderine


Director of Research Development

Sandra Perez



Sandra holds an undergraduate degree in Criminology, Law and Society as well as Masters Degree in Social Work. She worked for the County of Riverside’s Child Protective Services department as a Court Dependency Unit worker, and a Program Specialist in the Policy Division.

In 2000, Sandra’s began her career with GET SAFE, and has held a variety of positions in the organization, including: grant writer, case worker, curriculum writer, trainer, community outreach and administrator. Sandra currently oversees GET SAFE's Masters of Social Work intern program and particularly loves working with the energy, enthusiasm and commitment that students bring to the field. 


Paul received his undergraduate degree from Azusa Pacific University in Economics & International Development. With a heart for empowering victimized & at-risk women, and a passion for advocating effective business-mindsets for under-developed non-profits, Paul has dedicated his life to serving.

In 2018, Paul completed his graduate degree at University of Southern California in Non-Profit Development and Business Innovation. With a vision that aligns heavily with GET SAFE, he is passionate to build a inclusive, global mindset in our communities. 

Program Manager

Paul Jackson



Kathryn holds a B.S. in Psychology and worked directly with persons with dementia and unhoused persons for over 3 years. With a desire to help on a larger scale, Kathryn earned her Master of Social Work degree from USC with emphasis on Social Change and Innovation to make positive, structural changes.

She began her career at GET SAFE as a graduate intern and grew into her position developing and managing state-wide law enforcement training programs. The best part of her position is contributing to trainings that truly save lives and create safer communities. She is excited to grow the program and teach officers across the nation how to effectively de-escalate and intervene during a crisis.

Program Manager

Kathryn Greenup