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About Stuart

Stuart Haskin believes in a world where everyone feels empowered to feel and be safe, and is just the guy to lead this agency toward that brighter future.


Stuart brings his vast knowledge of self-defense strategies into the classroom, adapting techniques to fit different situations and different ability levels. He's been under the instruction of Grandmaster Cheng Y.M. for over 30 years and has earned:

  • Fourth degree black belt in Northern Shao-lin Kung Fu

  • Fourth degree black belt in Hapkido

  • Third degree black belt in the Tae Kwon Do World Federation

  • First degree black belt in the U.S. Judo Federation

  • Certified in Krav Maga Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement & Civilian


Not only is Stuart an accomplished martial arts student, he's spent the last 22 years serving his community as a Reserve Sergeant with the Orange County Sheriff's Department. He oversees over a dozen Reserve Officers and volunteers, primarily focused on patrol, training, and recruitment. His expertise has lead to an

invitation by POST to help outline required training topics relating to

persons with disabilities, where he helped add critical training points

so officers and at-risk populations can be safer.


His podcast ‘Movement for Change’ invites guests to discuss key social, emotional, and psychological topics revolving around positive change impacting our communities.  Stuart authored The Gift of Freedom: A Stronger, Safer You, an entertaining and informative book with helpful tips, anecdotes, and real-life stories to help readers begin to live their lives without fear. Stuart is currently

working on a companion book, soon to be released.

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