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As you wander around the school, you are immediately stopped by an adult who seems to be a parent. She looks worried and is on the phone. She touches your arm and asks with some tension in her voice, “Is everything okay, officer?” You gently shrug her off and tell her yes. She stops you again and tells you her child goes to school here and she needs to know if there is something happening at the school. As you explain your purpose for being there to her, a crowd starts to migrate towards you. It appears that the Freshman Parents Meeting just wrapped up and all these parents are terrified and perplexed as to why a there is a cop on campus. And that you are armed! You decide to ask for directions to the principal’s office, so that you can make contact and move on to the real police work.


You find the Administration Office and you ask the secretary if the principal is available. She asks what your needs are. She clarifies her question saying there are several principals. Each assistant principal handles specific tasks, while the main principal oversees everything. You inform her that you just want to meet someone since the school is in your area of responsibility.

She asks if you want:

A) To drop off your business card and she will pass it along

B) For her to page someone to the front desk

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