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Bridge the Divide

Fostering Unity Between the Community and Law Enforcement

Both law enforcement and the community want the same thing: to be heard, to be seen, and to be respected.

With the right education, we can close this communication and understanding gap.

It takes both sides to come together; the burden to create unity can't be placed on just one group.

We provide complementary trainings for law enforcement and community groups, teaching similar topics and emphasizing the shared goals from both sides.


Evidence-based practices
guide our path.

We take a socioecological approach to training. This means we train multiple levels of stakeholders including law enforcement, school systems, community groups, workplaces, individuals, and at-risk populations to better understand where the others are coming from.

What do we teach?

We cover better decision-making, recognizing and interacting with vulnerable populations, crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques, understanding the strength in diversity, and the importance of self-care to be able to perform at 100%. We facilitate conversations so people can get answers and express concerns.

Session in Progress

What does this look like?

Our Bridge the Divide sessions improve relations by sparking problem-solving conversations. We talk about specific concerns and how to communicate them in constructive ways. We can do single sessions or expand into several, depending on your needs.

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