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On the Edge School Safety Training


4 or 8 hours

About the Course

On the Edge School Safety Training is a unique and innovative training mechanism to prepare for the worst - a school shooter situation. Preventative training is the future of school safety. This training equips participants with real-world skills, empowers participants to stay safe and create a safer school environment, and prepares them by testing and evaluating response procedures.


Participants get a straightforward look at targeted school violence data and discuss how the data can inform best practices. Then they easily transition into interactive learning and hands-on exercises that explore adolescent brain development, pre-assaultive behaviors, behavioral cues indicative of bullying and suicide, and the skills to address the observed behaviors.


Through a collaborative partnership with Edge First Responder Sandbox, school personnel and first responders enter into a virtual environment to test their skills and unified response protocols. Each person plays their real-life role and simulates how they would respond to a variety of incidents that occur in educational environments. It's an easy way to work out the gaps without costing time and resources or experiencing a live event. 


This course is designed for School Administrators, Teachers, Staff, and all First Responders. It builds trust and understanding with all community stakeholders. 

4-hour option includes lecture and classroom activities only.

8-hour option includes lecture, classroom activities, and the additional simulation practice.

Introductory pricing available for all courses booked before April 1, 2023 and completed by June 30, 2023.

What Our Students Say

"I actually haven't had any training that's even close to this because the portion of these events that I do is more on the back half, so it helps me a ton in understanding the reality of what's happened before I get involved."

"Today's class was a lot more interactive than any other CIT-related class I've been to in the past in my many years in the field. It was more informative and drilled down to what it's all about."

"As a parent myself, if we can get involved way before any of this stuff starts to happen and have our eyes opened a little bit more about the dynamics of relationships and raising children, I think we'd be a lot better off."

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