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Dispatch Conflict Management and Communications


8 hours: 4 self-paced, 4 Zoom

About the Course

Dispatchers enhance communication and conflict management skills when working with disabilities, mental illness, substance use, suicide, other difficult callers, and coworkers. Dispatchers learn verbal tactics to more effectively get the information needed to help the caller and keep officers safe. Course format allows dispatchers from different agencies to collaborate and share best practices to improve the dispatching profession overall.

CA POST CCN: 1239-12433

What Our Students Say

"This training was easy to follow and use and fit in well with my busy schedule as a dispatcher/supervisor. I thought it had good real world application and uses."

"Very informative on topics that are crucial and becoming more and more prevalent in our 911 callers. We need more trainings of this setup to keep you involved and thinking on topics."

"The section on the characteristics of autistic subjects and how it might affect encounters with police helped give me some better ideas for lines of questioning in the future."

"The training gave me the opportunity to hear directly from other dispatchers regarding their experiences, which I think is beneficial for me as I am beginning my career in police dispatching."

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