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Field Training Officer Update


24 hours over 3 days, Zoom only

About the Course

This course updates participants on the field training process, teaching and learning styles, leadership, professionalism, and ethics. FTOs explore how to best transfer knowledge, evaluate learning, and document progress. Classes are open-enrollment and FTOs get to learn from other FTOs at different departments through sharing ideas, suggestions, and experiences. Course is only available online via Zoom.

Course offered each month in a modular format, approximately 1 day per week.

Dual-certified CA POST and CA STC - appropriate for patrol, probation, and corrections

Fulfills the mandated POST FTO Update required every 3 years

POST Plan I reimbursable

Mod 1:

POST CCN: 1239-35012

STC Cert#: 02204065

Mod 2:

POST CCN: 1239-35013

STC Cert#: 02456481

Mod 3:

POST CCN: 1239-35014

STC Cert#: 02517006

What Our Students Say

"The FTO update class was participative, informative, and provided great perspective and insights from the experiences of the participants. The breakout sessions allowed for ideas to be shared and I believe the update will further assist me in being a better FTO."

"Despite this training being online, I have learned more in this FTO update class than compared with all of the in-person FTO update courses I have attended."

"I have not had a trainee in my vehicle for more than a week in 4 years. I have a trainee starting next week for 6 weeks. This was a great overall reminder about do's and don'ts , legal and treatment considerations, and various other important topics."

"This is one of the better online trainings I have attended compared to in-person training. The presenters really kept all students engaged by continuously calling on all students and not just doing a "death by power point" presentation.

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