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You respond to the address. You knock on the door, and Z’s mother answers. You explain what your purpose is, and she asks you to go upstairs to check on Z. As you walk into the house, Z’s mother comments on how much respect Z has for you. The mother tells you that she is happy to hear that there are people in Z’s corner.​

You knock on the door and but there is no answer. You knock again. You go back downstairs to talk to Z’s mother to confirm Z is home. Their mother says that yes, they went upstairs about an hour ago.  You return to Z’s door and knock louder. At this point Z’s mother is standing next to you. She encourages you to open the door. As you open the door, you can see that the room is a mess. You go inside and look around. You notice a door along the wall. You open it up and see Z. They are wearing a pink dress and makeup. Z is hanging from the empty closet rod. There is an envelope underneath them with a note in it. You pull out your knife to cut them down. You check for a pulse but cannot find one. Their body is cold to the touch. You radio for EMS and a supervisor. You aren’t sure what to say to any of this.

Do you:

A) Read the note

B) Let someone else read it

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