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You apologize and decide to go back to patrol. The next time you are at the school, you run into Z. You brace yourself for the worst of it, but they are friendly, chatty, and don’t seem to remember your misstep from a few days prior. You finish this interaction, talk to a few students, then go back to work. ​

Later in your shift, there is a call dispatched for a welfare check. The reporting party is the school and they need a welfare check on an address that sounded familiar. A student left school without permission and their whereabouts are unknown. The student has a history of depression and suicidal ideation. Nothing noted today to indicate suicidal intentions. You recognize the address but are unsure why. You ask for a premise check and are told that you placed the resident from that address on a psych hold recently. You pull up and see this is Z’s apartment

Do you:

A) Attach yourself to the call

B) Let the officer in that sector handle it

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