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Active Assailant Preparation


1 hour

About the Course

Are you prepared if an active shooter burst through your door? What about an ex-boyfriend demanding to see your co-worker and holding a knife? What about an angry customer threatening to come and 'teach everyone a lesson'?

In this class, students learn to profile potential active assailants and recognize warning signs of an attack. Students discuss preparing and implementing safety plans for active assailants, up to and including active shooters. Students are encouraged and given strategies to develop a Survivor Mindset so they can make it home safely to their families.

What Our Students Say

"I really enjoyed how they had someone from law enforcement and then someone who is not. It was good to see and hear experiences from both sides."

"I have taken 2 classes with GET SAFE and I have walked away with more useful knowledge than I walked in with. I am better able to use the skills I already have by having a greater knowledge of HOW to use them."

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