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Advanced Unconscious Bias


1 hour

About the Course

If you don't think you're biased, this course is for you.

This course takes a deep dive into the mechanisms of how unconscious bias affects our worldview, actions, and perceptions. We acknowledge that biases are a natual part of brain functioning, while emphasizing the ability to change those underlying feelings. Students explore the impacts of unconscious bias in the workplace and evaluate how policies and procedures can ensure bias-free workplaces.

What Our Students Say

"I very much enjoyed the in depth version of this type of training. Instead of just scratching the surface these instructors broke ground and dug deep to tell us all the reasons instead of just the basic facts."

"All topics discussed were very informative, I feel that most people go about their day and careers trying not to be racist and it was just nice to hear that some things are biases that we grow up with but there are ways to think deeper and avoid them."

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