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Bullying in the Workplace


1 hour

About the Course

Trix may be for kids, but bullying can happen to anyone. We aren't talking about Kevin from Accounting getting a wedgie or Stacy from Sales stealing everyone's lunch money. We're talking about real life situations that make coming to work uncomfortable and unproductive.

This class helps students identify, prevent, and intervene in various workplace harassment situations, including recognizing nuanced bullying, victim, and bystander behavior. Students practice advocating for oneself and reporting harassment behaviors through direct lines of communication. Students understand how policy and awareness initiatives can help improve company culture so everyone comes to work ready to perform.

What Our Students Say

"It was helpful and thoroughly taught. It gave me a lot of ideas on how I can handle certain situations."

"Instructors were knowledgeable and entertaining. One of the most interactive online courses I've taken. The training had me engaged and time flew by beacuse of it!"

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