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Diversity, Inclusion, and Bias


1 hour

About the Course

Would your TV work if it only got one channel? What if your refrigerator only had one shelf height? What if all the houses in your city were all designed exactly the same with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom? We can all agree that everything being the same doesn't really work. Workplaces and C-Suites are no different - it takes different people, different perspectives, and different voices to make things truly work.

Diversity in the workplace is a strength for any industry of any size. It's easier said than done because it takes concerted effort at all hiring, firing, and promoting levels. There are key strategies and policies that businesses can implement to expand inclusivity and acceptance of diverse perspectives. Students will examine and challenge unconscious biases that may be compromising existing well-intentioned diversity and inclusion efforts.

What Our Students Say

"I thought I knew a lot about many of the topics in this course when actually there was so much to learn. I tend to have attention issues but this course kept me interested and engaged."

"Bias by proxy was most interesting and helpful to learn about, since I was somewhat unfamiliar with the concept."

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