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About Us

GET SAFE® changes mindsets to change outcomes by empowering members of our community through personal safety training, prevention education, and providing effective solutions to de-escalate violence, reduce anxiety, and alleviate fear –which ultimately save lives. We bridge sensitive topics of abuse, bias, violence, and mental wellness, while maintaining and modeling our core values of integrity, competence, human connection, and social justice. We foster understanding and empathy to build stronger, safer, and more unified communities in which everyone has the right to a safe and violence-free life.


With powerful, highly-interactive safety awareness and violence prevention training programs, GET SAFE® educates communities to work together for the common good. We specialize in effective communication, personal and workplace safety, anti-bullying awareness and preventative responses, crisis intervention and de-escalation tactics, tactical decision-making, sexual assault prevention, and survivor recovery.

GET SAFE® has positively impacted the lives of more than 500,000 people of all ages and abilities since its inception 35 years ago. GET SAFE® remains committed to impacting the lives of persons of divergent backgrounds; protecting the well-being of students; and building safer, more inclusive communities.


Our Story

​In 1984, Stuart was running a regular old martial arts studio, doing regular old kicks and punches, and kept making women cry. Surprisingly, they kept coming back week after week. Through conversation, humor, and creating a safe environment, he learned they were survivors of violence crying tears of empowerment. They were making emotional breakthroughs and letting the weight of their experiences fall off their shoulders. With this realization, he knew business as usual wasn't enough. So, he created a unique self-defense recovery program to help individual survivors and their families process their trauma and feel empowered to defend themselves in the future. After being certified as a California Crisis Intervention and Sexual Assault Counseling agency, GET SAFE® began its journey to helping folks from all walks of life live safer, stronger lives.


Since then, GET SAFE® has expanded to encompass a variety of programs, including children's anti-bullying trainings, workplace safety trainings, various safety programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, trauma-informed survivor programs, and law enforcement trainings. Basically, if you need any kind of safety help, Stuart and GET SAFE® are here for you.

About Our Founder

Stuart Haskin believes in a world where everyone feels empowered to feel and be safe, and is just the guy to lead this agency toward that brighter future.


Stuart brings his vast knowledge of self-defense strategies into the classroom, adapting techniques to fit different situations and different ability levels. He's been under the instruction of Grandmaster Cheng Y.M. for over 30 years and has earned:

  • Fourth degree black belt in Northern Shao-lin Kung Fu

  • Fourth degree black belt in Hapkido

  • Third degree black belt in the Tae Kwon Do World Federation

  • First degree black belt in the U.S. Judo Federation

  • Certified in Krav Maga Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement & Civilian


His podcast ‘Movement for Change’ invites guests to discuss key social, emotional, and psychological topics revolving around positive change impacting our communities.  Stuart authored The Gift of Freedom: A Stronger, Safer You, an entertaining and informative book with helpful tips, anecdotes, and real-life stories to help readers begin to live their lives without fear. Stuart is currently working on a companion book, soon to be released.

Not only is Stuart an accomplished martial arts student, he's spent the last 22 years serving his community as a Reserve Sergeant with the Orange County Sheriff's Department. He oversees over a dozen Reserve Officers and volunteers, primarily focused on patrol, training, and recruitment. His expertise has lead to an invitation by POST to help outline required training topics relating to persons with disabilities, where he helped add critical training points

so officers and at-risk populations can be safer.

Meet The Leadership Team

Nice to meet you! We're the real people working to make big change a reality from coast to coast and beyond. We recognize with growth, comes greater responsibility. We stand firm on cultivating an inclusive culture that welcomes diversity, opportunity, and hope.


Stuart Haskin

Founder & CEO

GET SAFE has allowed me to work with some incredibly passionate, driven, and bright individuals who change and save lives. 



Dave Monderine

Director of Training

Seeing people embrace their mental/emotional/physical strength to become empowered, gets me outta bed every dang morning!


Meredith Woodson

Outreach and Fund Development Manager

I love it here because I get to work with amazing people who are like-minded about improving the lives of others.


Mallory Blair

Program Supervisor

I enjoy the unique company culture I have found here.


Alondra Contreras-Tajimaroa

Assistant Supervisor

I enjoy working at GET SAFE because we make a positive impact on the community!


Sandra Perez

Director of Research & Development

Many years ago, I stepped into a GET SAFE crisis counseling class and I still vividly remember how somber the room was. Yet the trainers were effortlessly able to address the sensitive issues in an entertaining way that left a lasting impression. I walked away knowing I had to be part of this agency, and have been ever since!


Kathryn Greenup

Programs Development Manager

I have the best coworkers who are always willing and able to help if a challenge arises. Plus they're kind, caring, and fun - what more could you ask for?


Paul Jackson

Outreach & Sales Manager

I believe the world that GET SAFE envisions can and should exist!


Sheridan Simpson

Program Supervisor

I love supporting our hardworking team and seeing the changes we help make!


Ivy Carrete

Director of Organizational Structure & Development

The opportunity to work alongside like-minded folks who value humanitarian principles of inclusivity, respect, and empathy, so that collectively we can promote the ethical treatment of all people and effect positive social change.


Michelle Vimolphandhu

Finance & Employment Manager

Whenever I have a challenging day, I can always rely on my team for support and encouraged by the fact that we're making a difference in the community.


Brad Young

Training and Outreach Manager

It's the GET SAFE Mantra, Changing Mindsets Changing Outcomes. Equipping our First Responders with the skills and abilities to make better decisions in the field means everyone goes home at the end of the watch.


Sandra Tajimaroa

Quality Assurance Supervisor

I love how friendly and willing everyone is to help each other and their commitment to being changemakers.

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