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Thanks in advance for your tax-deductible contributions! Rest assured that your money is going to good use. Our donations are used exclusively to subsidize high-quality trainings for agencies and individuals in need. The more you give, the more we give.

Holding Notes


Can provide a healthy relationships workbook for someone with a disability

Image by Zhivko Minkov


Can train a teacher on identifying predictive behaviors that a student may become violent



Can provide a Bullying Prevention & Response assembly for middle schoolers

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Can provide a law enforcement class with reference materials to respond to someone in crisis

Computer Mockup.png


Can train a police officer on responding to a school shooter situation with a VR simulation



Can train a class of teachers, first responders, and law enforcement to cooperatively respond to targeted school violence

Image by charlesdeluvio


Can provide an intake session with a survivor of violence, crime, or abuse



Can provide an empowerment training series for a family of survivors of violence and abuse



Can provide full Survivor Safety & Self-Defense training series for a large group of survivors

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