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Bullying Prevention & Response


1 hour

About the Course

This isn't your regular anti-bullying training that kids roll their eyes at.

This training will help students recognize and differentiate bullying behaviors from good-natured teasing or otherwise benign behaviors. Students will practice cultivating empathy and leadership skills to promote self-confidence and reduce victimization through effective reporting and help-seeking tactics. This course gives strategies for students to welcome diversity and nurture tolerance for people who may not look, act, or think like them.

This training is aimed at elementary and middle-school students, but can be adjusted for older audiences. It can be delivered in small groups (like a single class) or assembly-style for larger groups (grade levels or multiple grades).

For small groups, basic self-defense training is available if time and location are conducive (this will add approx. 30 minutes to the training)

What Our Students Say

"The trainer kept the students entertained and wanting to know what to do next, and lots of students wanted to volunteer, which you don’t always see in the classroom."

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