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Character Academy


4x 1 hour

About the Course

Character Academy is the Greatest Hits of youth safety programs, with topics covered in our Bullying Prevention & Response, PALS, and Personal Safety 101 courses wrapped into one cohesive series.

The series introduces and develops GET SAFE's 4 Keys of Leadership - Empathy, Integrity, Inclusion, and Community - and how to apply those to a wide range of situations. Students learn physical self-defense moves and understand that self-defense is different than fighting in many ways. Students practice personal safety and situational awareness concepts, including what to do if you're lost or separated from others.

Available as four 1-hour after-school sessions for elementary and middle school students.

What Our Students Say

"GET SAFE Training is a fun way to teach our students to be safe. Dave had the kids laughing the whole time, while still teaching them things they need to know to be safe. I look forward to seeing the students use this on campus."

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