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Personal Advocacy & Leadership Skills (PALS)


1 hour

About the Course

“Advocacy is empathy, compassion and community at work.”- Janna Cachola

Just like the title says, this course is focused on advocacy and leadership skills development. Students learn how to constructively debate and argue using key points of effective commmunication.

Targeting elementary and middle school students, but can be adjusted for older audiences

▪ Developing personal advocacy, leadership, and problem-solving skills

▪ Identifying keys to effective communication

▪ Constructively debating and arguing

▪ Recognizing and developing your personal talents to help yourself and others

▪ Developing and implementing a plan of action for your personal passions

What Our Students Say

“The experiential nature and light heartedness of the trainers makes for an enjoyable, applicable training with great retention of info.”

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