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Safer Dating & Relationships


2 hours

About the Course

There's more to healthy dating relationships and sexuality than getting the "Birds and the Bees" talk - a whole lot more.

This course is specifically tailored for high school and college students and covers reproductive health and sexuality, including preventing sexually transmitted diseases. This course additionally helps students understand the importance and steps to establishing consent with physical and emotional boundaries. This doesn't mean pretending that sexuality exists, and students are given strategies to expressing sexuality responsibly.

This course is also available as a 90-minute course or as a multi-session deeper examination of course topics, which spans 8-16 sessions, depending on group availability.

What Our Students Say

"Our students have learned how to advocate for themselves, ask  questions about their health and most importantly, have felt safe in an  environment where they can ask private and personal questions and  receive reliable answers. I have received positive feedback from all the students and teachers who have participated in the classes and the students are asking if we can schedule additional sessions. They must  have more questions for you! I hope these beneficial classes will  continue in the future."

"The Healthy Relationships class has been an extremely beneficial class for our students. Many of our students were uneasy or  uncomfortable learning about the subject matter before the class, but were instantly made to feel comfortable. I really like the class because the subject matter is frank, visual and Taryn talks about real‐life situations that our students can identify with on a daily basis. I feel  it is vital for students to hear the facts from a professional rather than from friends or media. We hope to have access to this important class in the future."

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