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Bridge the Divide


1-3 hours

About the Course

Talking about community-law enforcement relations can be a heated argument with fingers pointing in every direction. But it doesn't have to be this way. The community and law enforcement are two sides of the same coin, both wanting safer spaces to live, work, and thrive. This facilitated dialogue is for members of law enforcement and the public to talk and gain a better understanding of each others' roles and limitations.

Members of the public will leave with a better understanding of the role of law enforcement in crisis intervention and how to promote safer law enforcement interactions. Law enforcement leaves the conversation knowing some of the greatest concerns to the community and can start to plan out solutions. The ultimate goal is both sides understanding how to build community trust and empowerment.

The course will explore personal rights, civic engagement, and responsibility and will exercise a students' inclusive thinking, empathic listening, and conflict avoidance skills.

What Our Students Say

"Please make more trainings! I've been a cop for 6 years and I take pride in what I do. I like solving crimes and making positive contacts and I do the job to the best with my ability and never disregard or come near to violating someone's rights. But, this training made it easy to talk about something that I know I never talk about with other officers. Normally when we are done with trainings, we're rolling our eyes and simply doing it because it's a requirement. This training at least was enjoyable and got me to think about the general public's perception of officers. I don't understand, so help me understand. It's applicable and I plan on using it on the street when contacting people whose culture/upbringing might be different from mine."

"The trainings that GET SAFE conducts are so informative and interactive which I enjoy. I also believe the trainers are knowledgeable and make each training a fun but learning environment. I brought the attention of our NAMI director to this site and we held a training for law enforcement and mental health workers. I had rave reviews from both parties! Now to ask my Assistant Chief to hold one for our probation department and Juvenile Hall staff."

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