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Bullying Prevention for Parents


1 hour

About the Course

Kids look to parents and guardians for support, are you ready to support them through bullying situations? Do you know the right support channels to use so your child feels safe and productive at school or during extracurricular activities?

As much as we think kids tell us everything, it's important for adults to recognize bullying behaviors and intervene at the right time - even if your child doesn't come to you first. Parents will learn strategies to initiate conversation about bullying prevention, intervention and recovery. Parents and guardians will learn to reinforce leadership skills which promote self-confidence and reduce victimization. Parents will leave class feeling more comfortable accessing resources and utilizing support services.

What Our Students Say

"The class was organized from start to finish and the instructors did a great job of relaying the training information in an approachable manner. Participation exercises were fun and effectively emphasized course material. Well done!"

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