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Bullying Prevention for School Faculty


1 hour

About the Course

Teachers, principals, aides, and other school faculty play an important role in maintaining a positive school culture surrounding bullying behaviors.

This course will teach how to recognize and intervene in bullying behaviors for both perpetrators and victims. This course provides tips to work with colleagues and parents to find solutions to bullying behavior, including reinforcing leadership skills to promote students' self-confidence and reduce victimization likelihood. Learn how to talk with your students about bullying prevention, intervention, and recovery so you become the person they turn to in times of need. And when you can't solve their problems, you'll learn how to access additional resources and utilize support services.

What Our Students Say

"Sometimes you think at school everything is so safe, but the thing that stood out to me the most from the assembly was that there are some places teachers and staff can’t see."

"This class contains a lot of great and useful information. Definitely provides a lot of knowledge and insight in what we encounter at work."

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