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Personal Safety & Self-Defense


1.5 hours

About the Course

In an emergency, we don't rise to the occasion. We fall back on our training. This course provides an opportunity to practice self-defense strategies and begin developing muscle memory that will help keep us safe in a dangerous situation.

Students will work on developing environmental awareness to identify safety weaknesses and opportunities for protection. Students will leave class feeling empowered to implement practical personal safety and self-defense techniques to mitigate threats and defend oneself in dangerous situations. Students understand the importance of and learn strategies to build and maintain healthy relationships, boundaries, and coping skills to protect oneself from victimization.

While preparation is effective, it's not perfect. This course also identifies best practice models to access law enforcement and other emergency services.

Minimal customization available, dependent on any emergent issues you're facing. Subjects covered are dependent upon individual agency needs.

Also available as a 2-hour course or 3-session series with deeper dives into prevention and additional self-defense strategies.

If you are not interested in physical self-defense training, please see Personal Safety 101.

What Our Students Say

"Being actively involved in the class, combined with the verbal and hands on exercises, was extremely helpful"

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