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Personal Safety 101


1 hour

About the Course

Personal safety begins before a threat appears and preparation is key. We learn how to swim in shallow water before diving into the deep end and ride with training wheels before graduating to a real bicycle. By starting small and in a safe environment, we're better prepared to tackle bigger and scarier feats. Practicing safety techniques in a safe environment can be the difference between life and death if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Students will work on developing environmental awareness to identify safety weaknesses and opportunities for protection. Students will leave class feeling empowered to implement practical personal safety techniques to mitigate threats and defend oneself in dangerous situations. Students understand the importance of and learn strategies to build and maintain healthy relationships, boundaries, and coping skills to protect oneself from victimization.

While preparation is effective, it's not perfect. This course also identifies best practice models to access law enforcement and other emergency services.

Some customization is available, dependent on any emergent issues you're facing. Subjects covered are dependent upon individual agency needs.

This course does not include a physical self-defense portion, please see Personal Safety & Self-Defense if you are interested in that option.

What Our Students Say

"These trainers were great. Both were easy to listen to and made the lesson comical and easy to comprehend. I would love to do more trainings with them in the future!!"

"I thought the training was relayed in a very personable way and covered the topics clearly. It was interesting and a good reminder about things that we sometimes get complacent about."

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