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Survivor Safety & Self-Defense


3x 1.5 hours OR 1x 2 hours

About the Course

Whether you've lived through a violent crime, physical abuse, sexual exploitation, or another traumatic event, we're here to help. We help survivors recover from past experiences and heal in ways that seemed impossible, while providing strategies to avoid revictimization.

We offer trauma-informed training specifically tailored for survivors of sexual assault, physical abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking where we focus on processing personal trauma, personal safety, and awareness. We address some of the hardest parts to recovery - building healthy relationships, boundaries, and coping skills. Participants practice basic self-defense moves to feel prepared and empowered to defend themselves in dangerous situations. And if all else fails, students will leave this training knowing best practice models to access law enforcement services.

Available as three 1.5-hour sessions or as a single 2-hour session. The series is a deeper-dive and focuses more on the trauma recovery and processing aspects.

What Our Students Say

"There are turning points in all of our lives. Some of them are good,  but some of them we would rather leave behind. The fact that I was  raped in December of 1997 is something I would gladly forget about, if I ever possibly could. Since I can’t forget, I have to somehow move on with my life. Self-defense classes, probably second only to my faith in God, have helped me to deal with the fear and helplessness of the rape."

“Thanks to GET SAFE, I am now living a functional life and I have learned that while I will never change other people, I can change how they affect me.”

"With GET SAFE I was brought to that path of safety and shown how to walk down the well-lit path; and in preparation for the times when I would be pushed off of that safety path, I was taught how to get  back on track."

“I came to you nervous, timid and scared – of one person in particular. You LISTENED when I was not talking, you gained my TRUST,  and you helped me learn how to protect myself and regain some of the self-confidence that I had lost so long ago.”

“GET SAFE is a great resource for anyone that is concerned for their personal safety. It is a special benefit to women, who run a greater risk of being sexually assaulted.”

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