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Advanced CIT: Youth in Crisis


4 hours, onsite or via Zoom

About the Course

This course helps officers better respond to children and youth in crises by providing information on youth brain development, causes and nature of youth crises, de-escalation and crisis intervention skills, effective listening and communication skills, use of appropriate language, and building community trust. Peace officers will learn how youth in crisis differ from adults in crisis and how specialized approaches can result in improved decision-making, reduction in situational intensity, and outcomes with greater voluntary compliance.

This course is critical for all officers, not just SROs, because you never know when you'll get a child in crisis call.

POST CCN: 1239-20812

STC Cert #: 03258841

IADLEST Cert: 22459-2204

What Our Students Say

"Get training, not only for SRO but all officers."

"I left feeling better about dealing with youths in crisis and people with mental health issues"

"Very informative and beneficial, especially in today's age and time."

"This training that the Get Safe team conducts is so informative and interactive which I enjoy. I also believe the trainers are knowledgeable and make each training a fun but learning environment. I first brought the attention to our NAMI director and we held a training for Law enforcement and mental Health workers. I had rave reviews from both parties. Now to ask my assistant Chief to hold one for our probation department and Juvenile Hall staff. We all will benefit from it for sure."

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