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Crisis Intervention Behavioral Health & De-escalation


8 hours, onsite or via Zoom

About the Course

This 8-hour course is designed to enhance probation and correctional officer response to persons with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and/or substance abuse disorders. This course will update participants on trends and changes in use of force policy, with a special emphasis on de-escalation techniques and options. Through group learning activities, participants will practice effective communication techniques to increase voluntary compliance and defuse tense situations.

Students will participate in role plays, demonstrations, video discussions, and conversation on key issues to reinforce learned concepts.

STC Cert #: 00577473

What Our Students Say

"Get Safe is now a truly essential part of my daily connection with the community I serve and beyond. The instruction was beyond measure in the sense that it brought new ideas, concepts and avenues to manage my contacts and career survival."

"I think this training provided excellent information on a variety of mental health awareness concepts from work to personal experiences. Lessons I can apply to various environments for a better outcome of situations."

"Very informative information and good tips to use in our field of work. Mental Health has always existed but getting everyone to acknowledge it makes our job a lot easier."

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