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Implicit Bias & Community Policing


8 hours: 4 self-paced, 4 Zoom

About the Course

Hybrid online course split 4 hours self-paced material then 4 hours Zoom with activities and group discussions to put new skills to practice.

Students discuss how historical context shapes today's policing; differences between racism, racial profiling, & criminal profiling; understanding diverse communities; how profiling affects trust and police legitimacy; and relevant laws and ethical considerations. Students discuss modern community policing strategies and how they can enhance their approach to community involvement.

Meets PC 13519.4 Profiling Requirements

POST CCN: 1239-20268

STC Cert #: 00240566

What Our Students Say

"Law Enforcement training can feel outdated, but the training provided by Get Safe was revamped and updated to be more applicable to modern times."

"The class engagement asked of the attendees helped with better understanding the issues. By having the entire class participate in discussions, we were exposed to several different perspectives on the topics"

"As the parent of an autistic child I was especially glad to see the section of people with disabilities included. Thank you!"

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