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Over the course of the next few weeks, you periodically stop in to check on Z. Because of this frequency, other students have started trying to get to know you. They want to talk to you, ask you questions, and tell you jokes. You can see a change in the student body’s perception of police and your own perspective on younger generations. You check into the Office and make your way over to the Counseling Center. As usual, Z is wearing baggy jeans and a band t-shirt. After talking with them for a while, you check in with the Counseling Coordinator. You have learned to discuss things in a type of code to not make it obvious to which students you are discussing. When you ask follow up questions related to Z, you mistakenly use “she”. ​

Z had been eavesdropping and knew you were talking about them based on the conversation. The use of the wrong pronoun sent them into angry yelling rant about respect and acceptance.

Do you:

A) Apologize for misgendering them

B) Ignore their behavior and continue with your duties

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