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Healthy Relationships & Sexual Education Training Services


75 mins (individuals) or 90 mins (groups) per session. Number of sessions varies

About the Services

People with disabilities are just that: people. We all desire love, relationships, intimacy, and acceptance, but it can be harder for people with disabilities to navigate the nuances that come along with those partnerships. GET SAFE is comfortable with uncomfortable conversations because the uncomfortable conversations are often the most important ones. We help our clients understand their bodies, preferences, relationships, and how to express themselves to be the healthiest and safest version of themselves.

GET SAFE’s Healthy Relationships & Sexual Education training services are organized across 5 domains and can include any of the following topics:

Domain 1: Anatomy & Reproduction

· Puberty, hygiene, and grooming

· Overview of pregnancy

· Male and female anatomy

· Self-exams and doctor exams

Domain 2: Self-Advocacy & Sexuality

· Sexuality and sexual feelings

· Advocating for individual rights

· Healthy vs unhealthy relationships

· Self-esteem, peer pressure, and boundaries

Domain 3: Safe Dating & Relationship-Building

· Safe vs unsafe dating situations

· Online/Dating App safety practices

· Sexual exploitation and manipulation

· Sexual harassment

Domain 4: Safe Sexual Expression

· What is sexual expression

· Sex and masturbation

· Public vs private behaviors

· Mutual consent and how to say “no”

Domain 5: Sexual Health Care

· How to make doctor appointments

· Community resources

· Birth control options

· Overview of STDs

Training services are available for groups or individuals, and either online via Zoom or in-person. The training curriculum is organized into 5 domains, each building upon knowledge learned in the previous domains. Alternatively, sessions can be tailored to address presenting issues or concerns by elaborating on some topics or omitting other topics. All topics are taught in a fun, engaging manner!

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