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Personal Safety & Self-Advocacy Training Services


75 mins (individuals) or 90 mins (groups) per session. Number of sessions varies

About the Services

Did you know that people with developmental disabilities are more likely to be taken advantage of, manipulated, or abused than neurotypical people? Personal safety and advocacy skills are imperative to identifying, avoiding, and recovering from potentially harmful situations that people with disabilities may encounter. Our training curriculum lays a foundation of core safety principles designed to empower persons with disabilities to make safer choices, advocate for their safety and well-being, and thrive in their communities.

GET SAFE’s Personal Safety & Self-Advocacy training services are organized across 5 domains and can include any of the following topics:

Domain 1: Safety Fundamentals

· 3 Natural Weapons

· Safety zone

· Conflict avoidance

· Prevention vs reaction

Domain 2: Safety & Others

· Healthy and safe relationships

· Bullying prevention

· Safe sexual expression

· Safe dating

Domain 3: Spotting Tricks & Lures

· Home safety

· Neighborhood safety

· Phone safety

· Internet safety

Domain 4: Community Success

· Community navigation

· Buddy system

· Police interaction

· Civic responsibility

Domain 5: Self-Advocacy

· Assertive behavior

· Asking for help

· Emergency response

· Self-defense vs fighting

Training services are available for groups or individuals, and either online via Zoom or in-person. The training curriculum is organized into 5 domains, each building upon knowledge learned in the previous domains. Alternatively, sessions can be tailored to address presenting issues or concerns by elaborating on some topics or omitting other topics. All topics are taught in a fun, engaging manner!

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