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Get S.A.F.E. with GET SAFE

It’s not just a catchy name - It is an imperative statement, a mantra, a creed, and a code. It is a solution to a problem, and it is a call to action.

We want everyone to be safe in their pursuit of happiness. That's why it's more than our name. S.A.F.E. is an acronym, a mnemonic device to manage nearly every situation. It’s applicability goes beyond avoiding danger. So what is it?


Briefly, SCAN the scene and the situation. Who is there? What are they doing? Who is not there but should be? What is around you? What obstacles are in your way?

ASSESS the information you acquired from your SCAN. Is there a threat? What do you need? What do you have? What are your exit routes? What do you know based on your own experiences or training?

FORECAST what may happen and formulate a plan. Using the information in front of you, your experience, and prior training, estimate what might happen next and how you can get away.

Lastly, EXECUTE your plan. Then repeat it until you are safe and back to state of balance emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Comment what situations you can or would use this mantra in. Hint: it's nearly every situation!

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