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Technology is Ruining Relationships for Customer Service

Technology is literally destroying soft skills. The amount of conversations that happen over text, direct messaging services, emails, or in comment sections is creating a flat 1 dimensional landscape that everyone has to navigate and assume meaning. Everyday a new meme pops up about how "crippling" it is when certain generations have to have phone conversations. This is because an overreliance on tech. But it gets worse. So much worse.

Woman looking fearfully at phone on her nightstand

Technology is not evil, and it has uses. Unfortunately, it is becoming the solution to problems that involve people. Customer Service or Client Experience Specialists are becoming scarce due to automation. Press 1 to continue, Press 2 to hang up. The over reliance on technology in the workplace reduces the nuances associated with humanity.

Oddly enough, some of us grew up with movies that "warned" us of a dependence on technology. The Terminator being the most relevant example when I think about this concept. Yet here we are, with microphones and cameras learning and listening. Nearly every week A story comes out about some tech firm having a robot attack a technician. For whatever reason, we don't seem to understand that people are unpredictable and therefore there are no absolutes in dealing with them. In other words, there is not an algorithm that can predict human behavior.

There was an article about virtual reality simulators for law enforcement training that was to teach de-escalation strategies. I'm sure there are 1000's of options and scenarios, but nothing that generates emotion. Nothing that creates a palpable sense of fear, hostility, or sadness. So we have upgraded to a 3D image that is still flat and expect better results. Scenario training is a great tool, but taking the human element out of the equation creates a void in learning and understanding.

We will always do it Better

There is no substitution for human connection. The scarcer it becomes, the more we will crave it. Get Safe believes in safety and communication through connection. That means that as cool as technology gets, we will always do it better. We converse, analyze, support, and grow through interpersonal connections. These are things that technology cannot do.

What's even better is that we offer Customer Service Training as well as Law Enforcement De-Escalation training. We believe in the human connection and utilize technology as a mechanism to support our efforts by offering training seminars and courses through our online portal. We believe there is no substitute for conversation between people.


Although we focused on the more professional concepts of technology, there is a looming threat for personal connection too. Try these 3 things to keep your personal life from becoming empty.

  • Sleep in a different room than your phone

  • Give yourself some time every day to disengage from screens. Try to create as much as you consume

  • Have a conversation with someone and keep your phone off the table and on silent

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